3D printing

3D printing is the "process to build a three-dimensional object from a computer-aided design (CAD) model" (Wikipedia), on other words you create real object from your virtual idea.

Since long time I wanted to get access to it, and beginning 2010s it even brought some hard discussions with relatives: useless fashion with no futur or a real technological breakthrough as press printing have been at renaissance.

I'm glad this year 2020 to get finally one! And even better, that was family gift!

Why did I wait so long?

Well, just a question of priority with other projects, e.g. ones related to fishkeeping, and also because prices were still high. Ok, you can always buy a very cheap clone, but it wasn't appealing to me. Since the beginning, most of makers always publish their works under free and open content licences, letting unscrupulous and greedy companies sell the product without development cost. Not really my way of thinking, so I just patiently waited that Prusa i3 get more accessible.. until Oct. 2019 when Prusa announced the Mini at unprecedented price (380€).

Why Prusa and Prusa Mini?

These both videos resume quite well what decided me:

  • A self made company, with makers as founders and embracing opensource for HW as SW
  • An affordable and accessible but powerful model to start with

Even if this model is smaller with print volume 18×18×18cm, you get plenty of awesome features e.g. full color LCD display, replaceable spring steel sheets, print via ethernet, optional Wi-Fi, or direct from USB drives, Mesh Bed Leveling, etc.

On the road of 3d printing

Bit patience required:

  • 2012 Prusa i3 released... hum, cool this company!
  • 2017 Prusa i3 MK3 released... getting even better, but expensive: kit 770€, assembled 1000€
  • 2019.10.12 Prusa Mini released... great!
  • 2019.10.16 Prusa Mini... ordered ;-) black version + both steel sheets (smooth PEI & textured powder-coated) + filament sensor + filament PLA Prusa black -> 460€
  • 2020.03.15 Received!
  • 2020.04.20 First print! Told you: other concurrent projects.. and still not multitasking :-o

Now, let's get started and have fun! ;-)