Fishkeeping is a widely adopted hobby all over the planet. It usually starts with a little beta, gold fish or guppy tank. This first experience, very profitable for young children, can afterwards  develop up to take an important part in life. For children, they'll get a piece of nature at home but endorse as well first responsibility and have to go through first difficult experiences when losing animal. It learns respect and patience, nature has its own rule, but brings as well satisfaction when first step are achieved successfully. 

Little fishy in glass bowl.. so what?

As skilled aquarist, you can enjoy the hobby through many ways, as your own way in fact, the only rule I'd say to follow is to respect the animal. It doesn't necessary mean to build a swimming pool for a gold fish; a Siamese fighting fish for example can be totally fine in small tank if the complete setup fit its needs: water parameters, plants and decoration where to hide, feed or breed, teammates compatible.


Focus is to mimic the beauty of the Nature, kind of small aquatic garden. Priority is given to plant, fishes are often just useful.  Result can look chaotic, but require elaborated conception and maintenance. 



Focus is to mimic with realism the aquatic ecosystem of a specific location. All living beings will feel at home since aesthetical as physicochemical parameters will fit their needs. 



Focus is get a minimalist living piece of art. It can be harscaping only, no plant. Art can extend beyond the tank. Container can sublime contained.

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What motivate me here?

In fish keeping, you take care of living animals, you're committed to provide the best conditions, what ever fish it is. In this case, we are even dealing with wild animals, quite complicated and expensive to get, so you don't want to mess up.

In same time, it make sens to setup the easiest  system to take care of. If water change are simple, filter efficient and even complete life support running on automation, then you'll enjoy more and stress less. You'll spend more time to contemplate your tanks, bringing you to know if everything is fine or not. You'll even be able to invest more time on providing new care for your fishes.

It was one of my challenges over the last years, especially since I arrived in Germany, one of the best place to find beautiful fishes, skilled importers or breeders, and suppliers of high quality equipment. In addition, trip abroad and discover other horizon is another hobby that can appear at first place conflicting with fish keeping. 

The main part is dedicated to quite the ultimate fresh water filter you can build, or even think of. Related to it, or as extension to it, a second part will be how to automate your tank, not only lightning and temperature... this is common nothing to add, but on other aspect as top off system or steaming pump.

Have fun and feel free to share your feedback!