Monitoring system

Water parameters

Water paremeters for (freshwater) aquarium are numerous and more or less important.
It is nevertheless a good idea, even in some cases a must, to monitor some of them: temperature (with alarm when too cold or too warm..), pH (to avoid acidosis), etc.

What is currently used on My tanks:

Aquarium automation

At any time, from any where, simply check or even control what is running or not. Power consumption can also be interesting.

Currently My tanks  are run by Mi Home, Xiaomi brand, equivalent to Aqara. See more info on ;-)


Fishes are the best indication all good or there is an issue. To see them can help remote diagnostic or even remote assistant when somebody can help.

In conjunction with aquarium automation, a webcam located in the sump will help to diagnose and remote fix any issue.

Currently My tanks  are setup 2 webcams YI Dome U Pro