Self-Awareness and Development platform from Airbus Leadership University powered by Praditus Personality Test assessed on 12th June 2019.

It is surprisingly accurate ;)

Personality: Stability

You tend to be even-tempered and can easily manage your anxiety.

#calm #zen #peaceful

Interests at Work: The Thinker

You tend to be curious and have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

#Analyst #Investigator #Experimenter

Personal Drives: The Innovator

You think outside the box and have the ability to generate unique scenarios and enhanced realities.

Emotion Management: The Counselor

Your main way of dealing with other's emotions is helping people deal with their problems directly, rather than just fixing their moods.

Stress Resistance Style: The Relaxer

Your way of dealing with stressful events is to separate the event from the stress.

Learning style: The Player

You learn best by trying something out and then turning the experience into a visual (like a picture or a diagram).

Management Style: Trust

As a manager, you don't try to make changes if things are working. You give employees the freedom to do their work as they see fit, as long as performance goals are met.

Current Work Environment: The Jungle

“The Jungle” is a work environment with limited resources that requires you to use intuition and creativity to attain results.

Ideal Work Environment: The Club

“The Club” is an organization with a strong sense of service and loyalty to others.

Logical Reasoning: Numerical Intelligence

Numeric reasoning is the ability to think and reason with numbers.

How does Charles work with her manager?

  • Charles is a very calm person who may have trouble working outside a certain comfort zone. People like Charles sometimes need to be pushed to take some risks in their work and given permission to express any ensuing emotions.
  • You can count on Charles in situations that require a good deal of self-control, such as managing conflict and difficult situations or negotiating complex agreements.
  • People like Charles enjoy thinking, are very curious, and love to learn. Give Charles the opportunity to carefully analyze and create logical solutions to problems.

What is the best way to communicate with Charles?

  • The best way to communicate effectively with Charles is to take a calm and conciliatory approach.
  • Try to use analytical and logical arguments with Charles. Use objective evidence, be careful to use logic correctly, and clarify your statements when necessary.
  • Charles often takes on the role of counselor, and thus appreciates thorough and structured discussions that allow the free exchange of opinions. Facilitate these discussions and show interest in Charles’s opinions and recommendations.

What motivates Charles?

  • People like Charles are driven by a need to pursue meaningful activities that allow them to be recognized and have influence. Give Charles new challenges that provide a sense of moving up to the next level.
  • People like Charles enjoy getting motivational messages that inspire them and help them to inspire others. Motivate Charles with powerful messages from the domains of philosophy, ethics, management, personal growth, or transformational leadership.
  • Encourage Charles to collaborate with others to create action plans. Use the company’s mission to inspire, guide, lead, and motivate Charles.

How does Charles manage stressful situations?

  • Charles needs to be free from anxiety and fear of failure before tackling a problem. After having made sure that Charles understands the problem and the plan of action, try not to bring up the situation too often.