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Cichlids of the Rift Lakes : the extraordinary diversity of cichlid fishes challenges entrenched ideas of how quickly new species can arise | Stiassny, Melanie L. J.; Meyer, Axel | Scientific American | 1999.02 | 64-69

"The waters of Lake Tanganyika are clear, dark and deep, but the shallow, sunlit edges are where most of the cichlids live.

Brown or green Eretmodus algae scrapers, covered with blue spots, thrive among the breaking waves; the turbulent water pushes their rounded backs onto the rock surfaces instead of pulling them off. These fish nip algae off the rocks with their chisel-like teeth. Their neighbors the Tanganicodus insect pickers also have round backs. But the pointed heads, sharp snouts and long, fine teeth of these cichlids are adapted to plucking insect larvae from within the crevices.

In calmer waters, old snail shells are strewn on sandy shelves between the boulders. Inside these live tiny female Lamprologus cichlids, along with their eggs and young. The yellow, green or brown males are too large to enter the abode. Instead they steal shells—sometimes with females inside from one another, and posture and preen around their harems."

The taxonomic diversity of the cichlid fish fauna of ancient Lake Tanganyika, East Africa | Journal of Great Lakes Research Volume 46, Issue 5 | 2020.10 |1067-1078

"Here, we provide a current inventory of the cichlid fish fauna of Lake Tanganyika, providing a complete list of all valid 208 Tanganyikan cichlid species, and discuss the taxonomic status of more than 50 undescribed taxa on the basis of the available literature as well as our own observations and collections around the lake."


Very specialized but valuable periodic readings, give a try to digital edition!

AMAZONAS Magazine | since 2005, bi-monthly | ISSN 2166-3106 (print) | 2166-3122 (digital)

One of the world’s legendary tropical fish publications, read by tens of thousands of enthusiasts who are passionate about keeping fascinating and thriving freshwater aquariums in homes, offices, schools, and businesses.

Tanganika MAGAZYN | since 2007, biannual | ISSN 1897-9750

Magazine dedicated to fishes from Tanganyika lake... yes, mostly endemic surprising fauna!


Informative but especially, piece of art!

Tanganyika: Africa's Inland Sea

Angel M. Fitor | 2008 | ISBN: 9783936027945

A journey to the amazing underwater natural wonders of the deepest and oldest lake on the African continent. From breathtaking volcanic sceneries to pygmy shell-dwelling fishes; from freshwater jellyfishes to fighting featherfin cichlids; rare species, fascinating behaviours.


Chris Lukhaup / Stefan Hummel / Dennerle | | 9783943968217

Locations; Columbia Brazil Sarawak Florida Sulawesi With 200 breathtaking coloured pictures 200 pages of pure enthusiasm

The Amazon below water

Oliver Lucanus | 2009 | 9783941881006

This illustrated book features 300 colour photos of the fish, habitats and people living along the Amazon river.

The Book of ADA

Takashi Amano / ADA Nature Aquarium | 2014 |

The Book of ADA is an excellent resource that should be read by all aquascapers- from beginner to pro. A valuable source of inspiration and knowledge passed from the hero of planted aquariums- the late, great Takashi Amano.

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Finally, few specialized books:

  • Aqualog Loricariidae. Alle L-Welse /All L-numbers | Erwin Schraml, Frank Schäfer, Ulrich sen. Glaser, Wolfgang Glaser | 2004 | ISBN 3-936027-51-X

  • Back to Nature Handbuch für L-Welse | Ingo Seidel | 2008 | ISBN 3935175272