You'll find here an absolutely non exhaustiv list of materials, some atypical or advance, some times premium. These aren't in deep presentation or test, only my selection based on some criteria as originality, innovation. Sometimes high quality comes at a price, but this is not what I'm looking for.

I'll put links to manufacturer's website. If your interested in such products, you can:

  • Ask your local shop if he knows it / can order it

  • Use online price comparison services e.g. Idealo if it does exist in your country (Fr De) or Google Shopping. If you're in EU, consider checking in other countries, sometimes even with transport cost you're still cheaper.

  • Consult manufacturer website, sometimes you can find a list of affiliated or distributor pet shops

  • Keep in mind second hand market, evaluate seller accountability, do not hesitate to ask more details e.g. motivation to sell, and dare to negotiate but with courtesy.

Finally, feel free to consult forum, Fb groups, and other information sources to get a better idea if the product really fit your needs!