Fixed costs

Current material at current minimal price (find online, check with local fish store):

Total, for both tanks -> 4010€ with DIY filter or 4510€ with with FX6 filters.

On top, keep in mind:

This approximation is already a good indication of budget range to get similar result, if it is what you're interested in ;-)

Recurring costs

Water consumption

Automatically replaced by RO water from 40L reservoir RO

Power consumption  - Jan. 2021

(Following screenshots are from Mi Home smart plug, more info on

Clearly heating (Aqua Medic Titanium 200W + Inkbird Thermostat) impact a lot, with clear difference between Tropheus (25°C) and Discus (29°C).

Interestingly lightning system (Chihiros WRGB II 120) setup very softened (~30%) is visible in the afternoon, 16h -> 22h.  

Operating supplies

Topheus tank - monthly

Tropheus tank - daily

Tropheus tank - hourly

Discus tank - monthly

Discus tank - daily

Discus tank - hourly