Lighting system

My systems

Our both tanks have same mix system led natural spots + RGB strip

Each tank (120 x 75cm) has 2 led spots, to get good coverage but especially a beautiful natural lightning with, shimmer effect on the bottom.
The app is one of the most easy to use, with quick settings or fine tuning of multiple canals: 6 cool white, 4 warm white, 2 blue, 1 red, 1 green and 1 moonlight (light white).

Take care at full power it is not silent as a passive cooling system..

Budget WRGB led bar with DIY adaption

I were looking for a thin RGB led bar to pop-up fish colors.

After a bit search and test of few models, I found this very cheap (less than 30€ on Amazon) VARMHUS water proof aquarium light bar with timer, auto on/off dimming function, 3 light modes, dimmable 10 brightness levels and 3 levels of time loop function, 84 LEDs, RGB 92cm.

Perfect basis to build a more design solution, directly integrated to alluminium profil structure. I found all the parts (proper alluprofil and white flexible reflector) on, very nice and reactive support, quick delivery!

Other interesting references

Selection focused on tank 120cm... just because our tank requirements, but more of the time you'll find 30,45,60,90 cm as well, rarely more than 120cm.
This is my own selection, non-exhaustive, motivated by design and performance, and in most cases tested at home.

120 leds, 7700lm, 130W

App bluetooth - integrated controller

Our current setup on fake twins since Q1 2020.

Excellent value for money, pure design, good support.

Module based, 1 to 11 modules for 120, from 70-180lm/W

Dedicated calculator

App bluetooth - external controller

Previous version, Daytime Cluster, equipped our tanks for 2015-2020.

Clearly premium material (prices), configurability maximum.

1260 leds, 6 canal, 20767lm, 167,4W

No App - external controller

No direct experience, perf. surprising.

RGB+W 240 leds, 6200lm, 110W

App bluetooth - integrated controller

No direct experience, looks great.