My fishes

Tanganyika lake - Tropheus

Tropheus tank (~525€ of living stock)

2022 - now

2018 - 2021

Water parameters (obtained from RODI water with Instant Cichlid and NaHCO3)

Current lifestock

2018 - 2021 lifestock

Amazon rivers - Discus & L-catfishes

Discus tank (~3700€ of living stock...)

Tank crashed in 2023.Q2 because of dosing pump issue.. big loss:

* per fish, pet shop prices but from local breeder

Water parameters (obtained from RODI water with Preis Discus Minerals)

Issue when mixing wild Discus with F1 -> Chilodonella Parasite (link)

Current lifestock

Before tank crashed in 2023.Q2 lifestock