Bavarian Bush

250L (100x50x50)

Bavarian Bush 3.0 (2022.09 -> now) 

In this third attempt, here are the objectives:

Bavarian Bush 2.0 (2021.12 -> 2022.09)

In this second version, the objectives are:

Results: as you can see, at one point the tank looked great, with intensive plant grow and colors. But rapidly we faced an issue with some black beard algae (BBA) or brush algae (Audouinella sp., Rhodochorton sp.) that overrun the tank. I tried many tips, even 1 week of black out, but at the end I decided to reset the tank.
Nothing extrem as a bleach, simply give the system another starting point, and if the conditions for BBA are not here anymore, it won't establish again. 

Bavarian Bush 1.0 (2020.09 -> 2021.11)

Bavarian Bush is kind of island for aquascaping.


Simplified maintenance is insured here with an interesting water change system based on Y tubing and Gardena system. It helps to change 50% of water in 15min, with a minimal effort.

It is an high-tech aquarium, custom made and with premium equipment selection.

Design and assembly phase (2020.05 -> 2020.07)