Fake twins v3


  • Add bigger secondary tank under primary one

  • Improve panel and doors holding system

  • Improve light holding system, for both existing Daytime ramp as futur DIY projects


  • Upgrade alu profile structure


  • 4 H108B30302N90 Aluminiumprofil 30x30 Nut 8 B-Typ 2N90 1104mm

  • 4 H108B30302N90 Aluminiumprofil 30x30 Nut 8 B-Typ 2N90 740mm

  • 4 H108B30301N Aluminiumprofil 30x30 Nut 8 B-Typ 1N 740mm

  • 4 H108B30302N90 Aluminiumprofil 30x30 Nut 8 B-Typ 2N90 404mm

  • 6 H108B3030 Aluminiumprofil 30x30 Nut 8 B-Typ 404mm

  • 8 HS208WV30303DS Würfelverbindersatz 30x30 Nut 8 3D B-Typ

  • 4 HS208VBIIS_2 Innenwinkel Nut 8 B-Typ

  • 20 HS208KKMH30 Kreuz-Kabelbinderblock Nut 8 B-Raster PA

  • 8 HS208WS30A Winkelsatz 30x30 ZN Nut 8 B-Typ

Everything ordered from www.myaluprofil.de -> nice website, cut exactly length, but long delivery delay (weeks...)

Budget for both 2 tank stands:

  • 29.11.2019 -> 377,43€

  • 02.11.2019 -> 139,63€

This alu profil 30x30mm Nut 8 B-Typ offers more resistant structure as previous one (25x25mm) and more flexibility in connexion options

Some segment can have some flat face to get even nicer look.

This very specific shape has nice potential for lightning holder.

Each corner get such kind of connexion.

This reinforcement will come in some corners.

This connexion between 2 segments is nearly invisible since directly in segment integrated. But since it is sliding in, the design has to be sure.

Such little plastic clip make cable management and module fixation so easy ;-)

From M3 to M6, you can slide it directly in an element and fix what ever module you need.

Even if it is right now still work in progress (and waiting again for some elements), result is already very satisfying!